Pre-built Wire-Kanthal 24GA/0.5ohm & 0.3ohm

Pre-built Wire-Kanthal 24GA/0.5ohm & 0.3ohm

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Pre-Built Coil Information:

Ensure they will fit in your RDA, minimum of 2mm
Single Coil is between 0.15 & 0.2Ω, and Dual Coils are
between 0.075 & 0.1Ω.
This puts a limit on the devices that can be used, your
device must be able to fire at that Sub-Ohm level.

Packaged: 10 units per pack

Easiest/efficient way to clean your coil, is to;
• Remove RDA
• Rinse/Soak using warm/hot water
• Using a liquid soap, Scrub lightly with a toothbrush
• After RDA has been dried properly and installed,
  apply a few drops Vodka/Ethanol to coil, dry burn
  by pulse firing device, repeat till any further debris
  has burnt off
• Rewick and enjoy