Welcome to The Vape Merchant!

We have officially launched our new store @ 27 Boxes in Melville and we invite you to pop in when you're in the area. We have e-liquids, hardware and accessories on display and a Craft Vapour tasting station for you to try out at your convenience. 

About 27 Boxes: 

Everything that we do and create at 27 Boxes is done to enhance the lives of our community and to support our entrepreneurs.

27 Boxes is a platform to expose, test and build. A platform for creative expression, innovation and experimentation.

A place for the community to come together, to entertain, to relax, to work, to play.  A place to come and inspire, and to be inspired.

Come stroll around the interesting containers from designer clothing stores to a pottery shop, you'll most certainly find something to like! So come by for a vape and a chat and grab something to eat on your way out!

And if you're into live music, good food and shopping after dark, there is a night market every Wednesday from 17:00 - 21:00 for all you night owls.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Vape Merchant team